2010 - The Adventure Begins!

I'm very excited to announce I've accepted a position with Twitter!

As a Capacity Planning Manager, I'll be working on data center and hosting solutions for Twitter in support of their continued growth. In addition to working in an area that I have great interest in technically, I'll be back in the online community and social networking world that has been a part of my career development and personal interest for over 10 years now. As a part of their Technical Operations team, I'll be working with a group of smart, dedicated and excited individuals with similar passion for their services.

I'll still live in Seattle as my home base, but will be in San Francisco often to work with the Technical Operations team.

Here's to 2010 and new adventures!

Big Fish Games hiring a MySQL DBA

Come join me and my team in support of the most successful casual game portal online today!

Big Fish Games is a global leader and innovator in the online games industry, producing and delivering the world’s best games and game experiences. Big Fish Games Studios develops and publishes the industry’s leading brands for computers, mobile devices and consoles. Its portfolio of hit games includes Mystery Case Files®, Hidden Expedition™ and Azada™. Big Fish Games’ portal at www.bigfishgames.com distributes more games worldwide than any other online site and offers visitors a rapidly expanding selection of content by launching A New Game Every Day! ™

The Senior DBA will lead the database team responsible for supporting the current MySQL infrastructure and design. This will include database design and architecture for existing and new initiatives, database monitoring, tuning, and capacity planning for production systems.

Click to apply

New generation of derby - Seattle Derby Brats

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I wasn't able to skate in Saturday night's Rat City Rollergirl's game at Key Arena, but Sophia was!

The Seattle Derby Brats played mini-games during half time of the big girl games. Sophia was feeling under the weather and opted not to jam, but she went out there and did her best blocking to grab the flags of the opposing jammers.

Sophia has been skating as Feline Fury for over a year now for the Seattle Derby Brats, and watching her and her teammates skate in front of almost 5,000 people like it was nothing was really amazing. As a coach and a fan, it has been so exciting to watch them improve over time. As a derby player, seeing their dedication to the sport is humbling - they really are future of roller derby!

Russian Bathhouse

I consider it a good weekend if I do at least one thing I've never done before. Today, that was visiting Banya 5, a Russian "urban spa" in the developing South Lake Union area. I've visited Japanese and Korean bathhouses, and now having been to a Russian spa I'm glad to find more similarities than differences. They're all based on hydrotherapy - a wonderful experience of immersing yourself in different types of water of varying degrees in temperature, exposing your body to the elements for rejuvenation and a bit of adrenaline from the extreme temperatures. Banya has three pools - hot, really fucking cold, and tepid salt water. There is a (very hot) dry sauna and a eucalyptus steam room. Banya is co-ed and bathing suits are required, which isn't as enjoyable for me but means there is more conversation among guests and less of the shock of hanging out with people naked. At 11AM on a Sunday morning most visitors were Russian and obviously die-hard spa guests.

I was given the advice of enjoying the pools as following: dry sauna until I couldn't stand the heat, quick plunge in the cold water, then a soak in the tepid salt water. Every time I encounter a cold water plunge I think of a million things I'd rather do instead, but I took the advice and didn't regret it.

I got a salt scrub and Elisa did the deep tissue massage - both of which were excellent and I'm pleased with the softness of my skin. Despite what I consider to be kind of a pretentious looking entrance, it is very laid back and relaxing environment. There's also a Vodka bar next door that we'll have to try on our next (evening) trip.

If you're looking for a good way to get a break from the cold, gray Seattle winter, I highly recommend Banya!


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I FINALLY got to marry the beautiful and talented Ann Munition and RENEW my vows to Darcy Rant, Rettig to Rumble, and Edie Brickwall (in spirit). I'm a very lucky derby girl :)

also I think I married this bottle of champagne:


Photo by Joe Rollerfan

Last Saturday night, our championship game was filmed for Comcast On Demand. Afterward I did a short interview with Queen Mum and we discussed the game while I looked in to the camera awkwardly. Our team lost but only by a few points, and we closed a 50 point deficit in the second period! We also discussed my transition between Bay Area and Rat City, and differences I've noticed between the leagues. The most notable distinction for me is the focus on speed and endurance that I see on Rat City. Whether or not this equates to a winning strategy we'll see in the next couple of months in the Western Regionals and then (hopefully) WFTDA Nationals.

The On Demand filming is a trial and I hope it is well viewed. Seeing flat track derby on cable and in homes across the country is exciting to say the least!