Lisa Phillips (lisa) wrote,
Lisa Phillips


Garth (my travel partner for this trip) and I made a day trip on shinkansen to another coworker's family home in Hakone, which is famous for onsen (hot springs). The hot springs are literally running down the street! We're stopping our eating and walking for a bit of work, and later on are going to be enjoying some nabe. I just got a CNN breaking alert that said "-- Tsunami warning issued for Japan and surrounding areas after quake east of Kuril Islands, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says" which was pretty alarming until I realized I'm up in mountains and nowhere near Hokkaido. I've been on edge about earthquakes the whole time I've been here and have prioritized learning japanese that might help in the event of an emergency. Now I've just got to add "shark, bear, vomit" and "plane" to the list and I've got most of my irrational fears covered.

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