Lisa Phillips (lisa) wrote,
Lisa Phillips

"american food" in tokyo

I'm here in Tokyo for work, but the second most frequent activity is eating! We've had pizza a couple of times in the office during busy days from the Pizza Hut across the street. While the name is the same, that's about where the similiarties end. Oh, except they have the cheesy puffy crust which I vaguely remember being marketed in the states. So far I've had tastes of: Shrimp and Broccoli with a mayonaise-y sauce, Meat with a gravy sauce, Vegetables with corn and red sauce, "Korean" style pizza with hot dogs in the crust(!!) and shaved pepper on top, Pizza Carbonara which is similiar to the italian pasta dish: bacon and cheese with an egg + cream sauce. None of them were spectacular - it is Pizza Hut, afterall - but they weren't awful at all as long as I didn't think about the ingredients (especially the egg sauce). We were given packets of green chili sauce and maple honey to put on the pizza. As sides, we had fries and sweet potato fries.

The McGriddle is being advertised everywhere in the trains. One man told me he thought it was a japanese invention and was surprised I'd heard of it. I can see why he'd believe that, since it sounds more like something invented here.

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