Lisa Phillips (lisa) wrote,
Lisa Phillips

New generation of derby - Seattle Derby Brats

Originally uploaded by Axle Adams
I wasn't able to skate in Saturday night's Rat City Rollergirl's game at Key Arena, but Sophia was!

The Seattle Derby Brats played mini-games during half time of the big girl games. Sophia was feeling under the weather and opted not to jam, but she went out there and did her best blocking to grab the flags of the opposing jammers.

Sophia has been skating as Feline Fury for over a year now for the Seattle Derby Brats, and watching her and her teammates skate in front of almost 5,000 people like it was nothing was really amazing. As a coach and a fan, it has been so exciting to watch them improve over time. As a derby player, seeing their dedication to the sport is humbling - they really are future of roller derby!

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